Elements Of Nature: Finalists in the 2023 Biotop Frog King Awards

Excitement is in the air at Elements Of Nature as we proudly announce that our groundbreaking living lool project, nestled in the serene landscapes of Kent, has been named a finalist in the prestigious 2023 Biotop Frog King Awards. This global recognition is a testament to our commitment to creating innovative and sustainable natural and living pools that harmonise with nature. Join us on this journey as we share the exhilaration of being acknowledged among the world’s best in the realm of natural pool design!

Our Natural Pool and Living Pool Business Shines Bright in Award Nominations

At Elements Of Nature, we are thrilled to share some incredible news that has filled us with immense pride and joy. Our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and eco-friendly design has been recognised by esteemed organisations, and we are delighted to announce that we have received two prestigious award nominations. It is with great pleasure that we inform you of our nomination for the Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 and our finalist position in the Ashford Business Awards for the Best Construction Company. These acknowledgements highlight our unwavering dedication and passion for creating stunning natural pools and living water pools that harmonise with the environment and enrich the lives of our clients.

Unlocking the Secrets of Aquatic Ecosystems: The Role of a Limnologist

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the shimmering surface of lakes, ponds and natural waters?

The world of limnology, the scientific study of inland waters, holds the key to unraveling the mysteries of these aquatic ecosystems. As a living water pool specialist who has knowledge of that on par with a limnologist, I have dedicated my career to understanding and conserving these invaluable resources. In this blog post, I will introduce you to the fascinating field of limnology and shed light on the services that a limnologist can offer to protect our water bodies.

What Is Living In My Natural Swimming Pool?

A natural swimming pool can support a variety of organisms, such as plants, insects, microorganisms, and small animals. Some common aquatic plants that are often found in a natural swimming pool include aquatic grasses, Norfolk reeds , water lilies, and water irises. These plants provide habitats for aquatic insects like diving bell spiders ,dragonflies, water beetles, pond skaters and damselflies, which in turn are food sources for other organisms.

Winner – Pool Installation Specialist Of The Year

Elements of Nature Ltd specialise in the design, build, and installation of natural swimming pools and living pools. Based in the south of England, its clients are often homeowners looking to add a stunning, architectural centre-piece to their gardens. The company’s natural and living pool options promote the idea of a self-cleaning pool, without the need for harmful chemicals to be used.

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