Living Pools

The Living Pool

Enhance the Elements Of Nature with a Living Pool.

About Living Pools

Living Pools can be as distinctive as any normal swimming pool, but without the chemicals. Our pools are exclusively from the manufacturer BioTop. Clear, clean, safe water in a design that compliments your garden.

The Living Pool is an organic version of the traditional swimming pool. It looks like a conventional pool but requires no chlorine or other harmful chemicals to provide the ideal swimming enjoyment in pure, crystal-clear water. Instead of the regeneration zone with plants and wildlife required for a Swimming Pond, a subterranean Biotop bio filter and the specially developed PhosTec Upstream phosphate filter provide natural biological treatment of the water in a Living Pool, maintaining its clarity and vitality.

Here’s a few examples of what can be achieved with a living pool. As you can see, the possibilities are endless – no limits on design or style. If you would like to see some more examples of living pools, why not view our brochure?

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Contact Elements Of Nature today to get started on your natural or living swimming pool project. Whether you're looking for a custom pool, need maintenance on a current pool or wanting to speak to us about a project, our specialist BioTop supplier & team are at the end of the phone.
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