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Elements Of Nature

Natural Pools & Living Pools

Elements of Nature is a team of natural swimming pool and living swimming pool specialists, based in the South East of England.

Providing design, build and project management of your pools, our award-winning designs have made us the provider of choice for these sustainable, eco-friendly pools across the UK.

Our Values include sustainability, communication, honesty and transparency - we like to show our clients how the project will run, introduce you to your project manager and keep you updated at every step.

Our ethos is to help bring elements of nature into your property - whether it is your home, or business.

Headed up by pool specialist and BioTop swimming pool partner, Phil Meads, Elements Of Nature can help with the design, build and maintenance of new and current swimming pools.

"We create beautiful pools that work with nature, using sensitive building practices to enhance your gardens and the wider world, no chemicals just pure fresh water."


Natural & Living Swimming Pool Specialists

We design and build Natural Swimming Pools and Living Pools across the UK, with our HQ based in the South of England.

Living Pools

Living Pools can have the design flexibility and quality of a standard swimming pool, without the chemicals. Ideal for hospitality venues. Enjoy that unbeatable feeling of swimming in a natural swimming pool in chlorine-free, crystal-clear water.

Natural Pools

A Natural Pool complements nature and will fit in seamlessly to give a year-round interactive centrepiece to your garden that will be appreciated by family, friends and nature alike. Natural swimming pools with no chemicals; simply the elements of nature.


Have a swimming pool that is in need of being updated? We remove pools from properties, design alternatives or offer landscape services for alternative pools.


We offer monthly and annual checks for your current swimming pool, if they are not living or natural. Our team can come to you directly to check levels, structure and ensure safety.


Looking for ideas and designs, we can provide an in-depth consultation and visit your site complimentary. Get in touch directly to book a visit for our team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most asked questions
Our natural and living pools are an investment to your property, and subject to the cost of materials at the time of quote. We can quote for just the build and design of the pool, with additions atop (swimming pool cover etc).
Each project is different depending in the size of the build, the materials and client’s approvals. We’ve delivered projects in as little as 2 month, and for complex projects up to several months.


Our Founder, Phil Meads, Lymnologist

“Back in a previous life I used to be a chef cooking hundreds of meals daily in high class hotels, for anyone who knows this is an incredibly stressful profession . On my breaks I used to sit by a local canal it was my refuge from the madness that the rest of my day was filled with . The occasional glimpse of a kingfisher or a pike used to recharge my inner battery. I've always been drawn to water even as a little boy I would always be at my happiest staring in ponds , rivers or seas. After a reevaluation of what I wanted my life to be I decided to change tack and immerse myself in natural swimming pools (literally), they totally suited my ethos that we need to look after nature and the environment and we also need to look after ourselves both physically and mentally.”

- Phil Meads, Founder, Elements Of Nature


Meet The Team

At Elements Of Nature, our success is driven by the passion, expertise, and dedication of our exceptional team. We believe in the power of collaboration and innovation to create stunning natural pool solutions that redefine the industry standards. Heres some quick snaps of the powerhouse team who make our vision a reality!

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