Elements Of Nature Wins Global Award For Pool Design

Elements Of Nature, Ashford, Kent celebrates being awarded Bronze at the 2022 Biotop Frog King Awards held in Austria on 10th November 2022. Held annually, the Biotop Frog King Award awards prizes for the most beautiful natural Pools and Swimming Ponds.

This year, there were 450 living pool designs in the competition and 110 Biotop approved specialists and contractors who entered the award from across the globe including USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and UAE. Of the three awards available, Elements of Nature took Bronze. 

Elements of Nature have been installing Natural Pools and Living Pools in the general South East England area – Kent, East Sussex, Essex – for 16 years. The team work with clients from concept, to design, installation and maintenance, offering the full-service pool package. 

The Bronze winning design from Elements of Nature was a pool set in just under 1 acre of beautiful Kent countryside.

This is the second award Elements of Nature have won this year. They won an award from the judges at Corporate LiveWire who were impressed with the focus on environmentally friendly technology in the builds.

The company Biotop was founded 35 years ago and since then, together with its partners in Europe and abroad, has built more than 7,000 pools, which are operated without the use of any chemicals. A quarter of these pools are Living Pools—bio-pools that look like conventional swimming pools, but otherwise have nothing in common with the traditional chlorinated pool.

The business owner of Elements Of Nature, Phil says, “Your property and the pool you have with it are important. We are focused on changing the environment and creating a stunning addition to your land with natural and living pools which are chemical free. Why have a pool full of chemicals when you can have a natural pool or living pool? I’m pleased with all those we have helped – from family households to wedding venues.”

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