Build Process

We create custom Natural & Living pools with an unmatched level of quality. Here is each step of our build process.


Marking Out Site

To begin with, we establish the build lines of sight from the property. This ensures the client and the team are clear from the get-go. From there, we decide on the placement of the pool and all the other major components (neighbours, nature, access etc). Together, we stand back and checkfrom multiple angles consulting with the clients to make sure everyone is happy. This is a crucial stage.


The Big Dig

This can present us with challenges and opportunities, such as existing drainage pipes, bedrock , sand, clay , other services such as gas, electricity and ground source heat pipes that may not be disclosed. Luckily we have a great team with a huge range of skills and experience so we've probably encountered most situations. Our priority is approaching this stage with care, keeping our client in communication to give everyone piece of mind. An approach and tactic we are well known for.


Concrete Base

Depending on the ground conditions we find usually we start with a good layer of flat hardcore.Then, we build our shuttering (this is what holds our concrete in and gives us our levels to work to). Once we have this in place we start constructing the double skin of reinforcing steel mesh - this is what gives our pools such strength. We then double check everything and then organise our concrete delivery. We spend a lot of time on our pool floors floating it off until it's perfectly smooth - trust us you will feel every lump and bump with your feet if it's not done correctly!


Wall Construction

We use a really innovative product for this stage - it's made out of recycled car bumpers and dashboards so it reduces our environmental impact (and lessens what needs to go to landfill!) The use of modern technology such as this really puts us at the forefront of environmentally friendly and cutting edge design, we try to merge the two on all our projects.


Concrete Wall Pour

This part can be tricky as we're often working up to 2 metres in the air whilst holding heavy concrete pump tubes. A head for heights and an eye for detail are called for here. We will usually have a dedicated couple of hours getting this all done and then we can relax and clean up.


Pool Lining

Because we spend so much time, dedication and detail on our bases, the walls are built using the above system we can move straight into the lining. We start off with a heavy fleece underlay and then a very strong anti biocidal liner. This is available in many different colours. We heat weld it into position so that it is entirely crease free (this will pay dividends when you start using the pool and need to clean it) in fact we provide you with a robot that does all of that for you.


Biotop Technology Installation

Our pools are so successful because we utilise the Biotop system. We are part of a much bigger (family of pool builders) there's over 100 of us around the world. As a member of the Biotop family we benefit from over 35 years of accumulated knowledge and with all our partners building pools our knowledge grows at an accelerated rate compared to say a "normal company "building 1 or 2 pools a year.


Pool Commissioning

Once we've finished all the technical aspects we conduct our tests to confirm our plumbing is leak free and our liner is holding water correctly. We apply a treatment to get our water to a suitable place for our filtration equipment to start from a position of strength and then we let our technology and nature take over. We spend a morning with our clients explaining how everything works and how to maintain their pool. We also give our customers a 2 year guarantee on all materials and workmanship ,this gives complete comfort as all of the big jobs are taken care of by us. After this 2 year period we are always happy to provide regular service arrangements or we can train you to do it independently.


Landscaping & Finishing

The final touches can also be done by us and they often are. We're happy to build your decking, lay your paving and design and plant the garden. Our founder’s background is from landscaping so we can always finish the project in the correct manner using our network of professional finishers.

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