Project Details

  • Project The Corner House
  • Category Living Pool
  • Location Kent
  • Year Of Construction 2021
  • Project Time 8 Months
  • Swimming Area 72 m²
  • Water Depth 1.4 - 1.67 Meters
  • Total Area 56 m²

About The Corner House

This pool is 67 cubic metres in total, the client was looking for a pool with a gently sloping bottom going from just above waist height to just below shoulder height. They wanted the water to be heated so we integrated an air source heat pump into the plumbing system. The client also wanted a baja shelf so we designed this to sit about 150mm below the water surface, this was important as it was going to be where they could sit and relax and play with the children. We installed a solar slatted cover to keep all the heat in and this also warms the pool passively. To finish it we installed a lovely English Oak deck , and due to the sloping garden we had one edge exposed, this we used English Oak Sleepers to keep with the rustic theme.

For the steps we used high quality stone from Apex Stone Sourcing.

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