Winner – Pool Installation Specialist Of The Year

Elements of Nature Ltd specialise in the design, build, and installation of natural swimming pools and living pools. Based in the south of England, its clients are often homeowners looking to add a stunning, architectural centre-piece to their gardens. The company’s natural and living pool options promote the idea of a self-cleaning pool, without the need for harmful chemicals to be used.

Living pools offer much of the same flexibility in design that regular pools can, as well as the functionality that has made private swimming pools so popular in recent years. They can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes to compliment the space they are in. In the build, Element of Nature will create two separate water cycles, using pumps to more economically and energy efficient effect. The first cycle only operates during the day, and it skims the water, removing floating particles. During the second cycle, impurities are removed and degraded, eliminating any traces of phosphorous from the pool. Whilst the living pool looks conventional, it is actually fully biological, and doesn’t need any chemicals or chlorine to function safely.

Natural pools rely more upon nature to maintain a safe environment for swimming. Plants that are perhaps more commonly found in ponds are used for their self-cleaning benefits. These natural forces are extremely effective, as they absorb impurities, and natural water organisms destroy harmful bacteria. Just as in a living pool, no chlorine or chemicals of any kind are used in it. The team at Elements of Nature build natural pools based on an even ratio of swimming zone to regeneration zone, which must be expertly designed for the pool to find the correct balance. Since the swimming zone is usually a minimum of two-metres deep, the team often manufacture separation between the zones through creating a wall, for example.

The judging panel of the award from Corporate LiveWire were impressed with the focus on environmentally friendly technology in the builds. Chlorine, widely used in regular swimming pools, can have a damaging effect on the environment and local ozone quality. By promoting the installation of natural and living pools, Elements of Nature provide all the fun and functionality associated with a regular  pool, but without causing any further damage to the planet.

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